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P-17 High heat resistant filler set-fast system has uses in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, tooling, manufacturing and final fabrication where potential exposure to elevated temperatures up to 230°C/446°F have to be tolerated either for short term or continuous periods. P-17 offers the user a smooth workable paste with set-fast cure to expedite those applications for repair or finish. P-17 can be applied with a squeegee, spatula or flat tool. The cured material can be finished by mechanical sanding, grinding, scraping, etc., to a feather edge. This filler has excellent adhesive and bond strength to fiberglass, SMC, BMC, RIM, FRP, epoxy, graphite and Kevlar® composites as well as aluminum, plaster and other substrates. P-17 High Heat Resistant Filler when cured and finished accepts virtually all types of coatings and decorative film without any blush or discoloration.

  • Two component vinyl ester, thixotropic machinable paste
  • 4-6 Minute Work Life
  • White, Gray or Black
Developed for use in tooling, fabrication and repair in the aerospace, aircraft and automotive industries where elevated temperatures (up to 230°C/446°F) may occur. Low moisture absorption also makes this an ideal filler/repair material for the marine industry. Excellent bond strength to fiberglass, SMC, BMC, RIM, FRP composites and other substrates. Accepts all types of coatings without discoloration.

Applications: Typical applications include: Aircraft interior panels, FRP panels-filling cloth imprint, Nose cone porosity, Edge filling on honeycomb, Changes & repairs to vacuum form molds, Drill fixtures, potting bushings, Gel-coat repairs on production molds, SMC mold porosity in molded parts, Many other applications.

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