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The reinforcing strength of P-51 FRP BOND & FILL fibrous filler makes it very useful for increased bonding strength or for rebuilding broken or void areas in SMC, RIM and other thermoset composites. P-51 FRP BOND & FILL is a smooth thixotropic paste system which exhibits easy mixing and stable application qualities. This system has excellent adhesive qualities, can be readily machined, accepts all types of finishes with "no bleed out", and is considered having low moisture characteristics. P-51 FRP BOND & FILL has high impact strength, excellent heat and cold resistance and a very high degree of chemical resistance. It can be applied in varying degrees of thickness with minimal shrinkage.

  • Two component polyester, fiber filled thixotropic paste.
  • With BPO Hardener, 8-10 Minute Work Life. With MEK-P Hardener, 3-5 Minute Work Life
  • Dark Green
Smooth paste with the reinforcing strength of a fibrous filler. Dual promoted system offers the user a choice of work life. Excellent bond strength to various substrates. Effective for rebuilding areas with voids or breaks, and is an excellent choice for repairing FRP, SMC, BMC and RIM materials.

Applications: Typical bonding applications include: FRP composites to FRP, rebuilding broken areas, metal inserts to fiberglass, marine fabrication, metal to concrete, detail blocks to FRP, wood to wood bonding and metal to metal bonding.
More Info:
3 Gallon Cartridge w/3-4oz Cream Hardeners


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