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EL-325-1 HTTC COMPOSITE TOOLING COMPOUND is a high temperature system designed for the fabrication of molds, jigs, models and other high temperature tooling requirements. The system saves a considerable amount of time and labor when fabricating composite molds. EL-325-1 HTTC has a longer working life than the standard EL-325 HTTC system for the construction of larger molds. The system when mixed is a very pliable elastic compound which can be applied to the tool surface without crumbling or cracking. EL-325-1 HTTC can also be applied at any thickness above ¼" without excessive exotherm. Tools constructed with Composite Tooling Compound maintain a very high degree of dimensional stability, are light in weight, and can be machined as well as drilled and tapped. All of these qualities allow the system to be used in a variety of tooling applications.

  • Two component epoxy, low viscosity resin [2 hardener options]
  • 180 Minute Work Life
  • Gray
A workable, pliable syntactic material formulated for high temperature composite tooling applications; allowing a considerable time and labor savings in construction of composite molds. This two component compound is conveniently color coded for thorough mix indication. Stable, lightweight and strong when cured, this system can be machined, drilled or tapped; use as core material with high-temp epoxy laminating systems: EL-315 series, EL-336 or EL-337.

Applications: Typical tooling applications include high temperature molds, autoclave tools, vacuum form molds, bonding fixtures.

Quart Unit (Includes Hardener)
2-Gallon Unit (Includes Hardener)
Pail Unit (Includes Hardener)


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