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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Axson’s ADTECH Plastic Systems. With a complete line of over 100 precision epoxy, polyester and urethane plastic systems for Aerospace, Automotive and Marine applications, ADTECH is recognized around the globe for products designed by industry experts who are committed to uncompromising excellence.

From epoxy laminating systems, polyester adhesives and repair materials to epoxy and polyester fairing compounds and set-fast adhesives, our reputation is built on our ability to provide effective custom solutions to the Tooling, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Industries. We are known for innovative, solution-based plastic systems that are formulated to minimize production time while guaranteeing integrity of product and increased profitability for our clients.

Axson of Michigan, manufacturer of ADTECH Plastic Systems, is committed to ISO 9001:2000. This ensures that our customers receive consistent, quality ADTECH products with every order.

Customer service and responsiveness are key elements of our commitment to providing high-quality polymer systems for demanding applications.

Thank you for visiting the ADTECH Plastic Systems website. We are excited to be working with you!



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